The FloSpine Canaveral Pedicle System is intended for posterior, non-cervical pedicle fixation as an adjunct to fusion in skeletally mature patients using autograft and/or allograft for the following indications: degenerative disc disease (DDD) (defined as back pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by history and radiographic studies); spondylolisthesis; trauma (i.e., fracture or dislocation); spinal stenosis; curvatures (i.e., scoliosis, kyphosis, and/or lordosis); tumor; pseudoarthrosis; and failed previous fusion.

When used for fixation to the ilium, the offset connectors of the Canaveral Pedicle Screw System must be used in conjunction with pedicle screws placed at the 51 or 52 spinal levels. When used for posterior non-cervical pedicle screw fixation in pediatric patients, the Canaveral Pedicle Screw System implants are indicated as an adjunct to fusion to treat adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. The Canaveral Pedicle Screw System for pediatric use is intended to be used with autograft and/or allograft. Pediatric pedicle screw fixation is limited to the posterior approach.


  • Colour coded taps match screw diameters for fast screw prep
  • Locking screw drivers eliminate premature loosening
  • Taps and driver available in multiple navigation ready configurations
  • Rod inserter quickly and firmly grips rod
  • Single compressor/distractor converts as needed to provide true parallel compression at the screw head
  • Multiple handle options to meet a variety of surgeon preferences

MIS Screw Assembly


  • Slim profile, single piece break-off
  • 30mm reduction thread option
  • Open and closed tab options
  • Robust tab design. resists premature breakage
  • Rods include position identification markers and <2mm dorsal overhang
  • Complete system modularity allows for on-the-fly customization
  • Easystart™ anti-cross threading set screw facilitates introduction
  • Self-tapping, duel lead, optimized. thread form
  • 60˚ full conical motion provides exceptional anatomic adjustability
  • Comprehensive. screw offering, 4.5mm – 10.5mm


  • Reduces incision to true percutaneous option
  • No additional reduction instruments required
  • Complete versatility for different surgical preferences in one system
  • Allows aggressive manipulation and correction
  • Optimal rod placement reduces facet impingement
  • Less clutter – Modular system reduces number of implants in the surgical area
  • 100% confidence in set screw delivery, every time
  • Fast delivery, tapping is removed in many. cases
  • Conforms to patient anatomy
  • FloSpine’s AdVance™ screw design. achieves 13% increased pullout over the leading manufacturer – testing information available on request.