FloSpine launches its latest product line, the PANAMA ACP cervical plating system.  PANAMA is the first system to utilize FloSpine’s patented blocker technology featuring anti-rotation teeth.  In bench testing, this new innovation exceeded standard torque required to allow screws to rotate.  CEO Peter Harris commented, “When we set out to develop our cervical plating system, we knew we wanted to address the growing issue of screw loosening because many of these plates are implanted into patients with osteoporosis.  We believe FloSpine’s patented blocker technology provides superior screw fixation and resistance to plating loosening, and that’s ultimately better for our patients.”  To learn more about FloSpine’s blocker technology with Anti-rotation teeth, CLICK HERE.


FloSpine will apply new technology and design concepts to solve medical problems of the human spinal column. The principle objective is to provide surgeons with products resulting in improved patient outcomes, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recovery times, thereby reducing the procedural and rehabilitative costs to the patient, hospital facility and or insurer.