Our Mission

FloSpine’s goal is to continually innovate and evolve next generation medical devices that create better surgical outcomes. The team will constantly strive to improve operative efficiency by providing surgical solutions that are cost effective and easy to use. Management will treat all stakeholders with dignity and respect. Positive shareholder financial returns will be achieved by conducting all business in a manner which aligns the interests of FloSpine’s employees and its shareholders.

Our Company

Founded in March 2011, FloSpine® is a privately held company whose principal strategy is to provide proprietary, innovative, high-margin and cost effective spine implants and instruments.

FloSpine’s goal is to apply new technology and design concepts to solve medical problems of the human spinal column. The principle objective is to provide surgeons with products resulting in improved surgical outcomes, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recovery times, thereby reducing the procedural and rehabilitative costs to the patient and or insurer.

Our foundation is built upon fostering an environment that supports physician participation in the implant and instrument design process, utilizing the clinical experience that will allow products to better meet patient and surgeon needs. Our customer is the physician and the distributor that supports them in their local area.